I Write What I Feel…

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“I write what I feel and feel what I write.” 

I keep wondering if it is the same. When feelings are expressed on paper the words disappear for the reader as he begins to accept the emotion and thought as his own. The power of words is such that it can cause the emotions to flow through the reader.

Writing is a skill not to be born with but developed with time. People wonder why it is so difficult to write. I would say writing requires both your brain and your heart. It requires you to feel the words and make it yours.

Have you ever wondered how the greatest writers became so great. It is probably because of how their words touch every reader and how the readers can relate it to their lives. The secret to writing is to bring in emotions that lie between the lines so that when the reader reads he sinks into it deep.

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Writing is an art. Everyone can be a writer if the words come from the heart. All we need is inspiration to write what we feel so deeply about.

Ummehani Rao


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