Life: The Next Phase

I asked my mom the other day, “how is it that you always have the answers to my questions and solutions to my problems?”. She replied, “I did not know most of it at your age. If you would have asked me then I may have had no replies. I have lived through so much in life that I can guide you through my experiences. Although, I would still say I have a lot to learn. Life’s journey teaches so many lessons as you go on”.

We come to this world unaware of all the things around us. As years progress and we grow up, we master so many skills and adopt ourselves to this life.

As a baby all we knew was the warmth of our parents holding and cuddling us, the baby food fed to us, our mother’s lullaby and things babies do. Then there comes a time when we grow up into a child running around and playful all the time. Until we become teenagers we have our parents always there providing us a life they work so hard for. Then we transition from a teenager into an adult. I think this may be the most difficult time. We do not know what we are about to face. Suddenly we are out from under our parent’s wing and out in the open alone.

We come across decisions which we never wanted to take and now have to. We come to started a journey on our own. This is it! This is what we have been preparing ourselves for. But are we really ready? Well, that’s a question only we can answer for ourselves. No one is ready for what comes next. We just have to take everything as it comes. The world does not slow down so we need to catch up with it.

For me the one thing I fear is life becoming monotonous. I think having go through the same routine everyday may become dull. But who am I to say? I am still adjusting to this phase of life. Most people live a routine life but still learn to add excitement and adventure to it.

Well, I think we CAN indeed do it! We do not need to fear what comes ahead and need not worry about it. All we need to do is smile and walk with the change as it comes. The key to a good life is happiness.

Ummehani Rao


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