Just as dawn sets in, she opens her eyes and smiles thinking as a new day begins. She gets up from her bed, freshens up and heads towards the kitchen.

Just as she starts preparing breakfast its almost time to wake up her daughter. Walking into her daughter’s room, she smiles as she sees the cutest 7 year old sleeping so peaceful. She wakes her up and gets her ready. The daughter sits to have breakfast as she makes sure her daughter’s bag is packed. As its time for the school bus to arrive, she holds her daughter’s hand, gives her the school bag and takes her outside. The child gets on the bus and waves at her and she stands there smiling, waving and saying, “have a nice day baby”. That’s a mother!

She enters back in the house as her husband comes to the kitchen all ready for work and buttoning his sleeve. They have breakfast together. As he gets ready to leave she hands him his lunch and kisses him goodbye. That’s a wife.

She gets ready for work and grabs her documents and leaves the house. She reaches the office just in time for a meeting. She grabs her presentation and with confidence walks into the conference room. Everyone seems happy with the presentation. One of her colleague asks her, “Wow! You seem to make work look so easy. How do you manage everything?”. She smiles and replies, “It is difficult sometimes but I manage”.

Image result for woman multitasking work and family quotes

That’s what a woman is all about. She can multitask and smile her way through the day, even if its a tough day. Dedicated to all those beautiful ladies out there. YOU make it seem easier!


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