It all started today morning, when I was asking my friend what she was doing . She said she was packing her stuff for the holidays. The first reaction I gave her was a laugh, then I asked her why is she packing 3 days before holidays start. She said she was bored.

“Bored” may be the most common word we hear now and then. In fact my friends, they’ll say they here it from me every hour. šŸ˜›

What is being bored? It is the state of feeling impatient as you are unoccupied. It’s sometimes difficult to come up with something to do. It’s not that we do not have any other alternatives to pass our time.

People often complain they are tired when they are bored and they feel more energetic when they work for a while. In not much time, laziness creeps its way in and accompanies the boredom, leading to the end of the day of complete nothing.

There’s this quote:

“Empty mind is the Devil’s workshop.”

Why waste time doing nothing, when we can accomplish so many things in that time. Stop complaining that its boring. Life is short, so live every day to the fullest. šŸ™‚


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