Pursuing Success

Every student dreams of the day they finally achieve their goals and become the person they have dreamt of, all their lives. They dream of the day when they are on stage in their graduation gown and caps, receiving the degree.

As a student I have learnt, that achieving something requires a lot of effort and hard work. And the moment your hard work pays off, we sigh in relief. All our lives we dream about something, pursue it and finally achieve it. It can be anything then, be it winning a competition or reaching the peak of a mountain.

What upsets most people is not achieving their goals. I would ask, what is the point of being upset and drowning in depression, when you CAN in fact do something about? Why would you want to give up so easily?

Success is always a few steps away. But as it has been said the road of success is not always easy. You come across barriers. Hard work helps us get passed the barriers and brings us into the light of achievement. But the major role in getting passed these problems, is having a positive approach towards life.

Accept the fact, that everything happens for a reason. So if you fall down, lift your head and rise up again. Don’t give up and you will reach the stars. 🙂


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