Pulse 2016

What is special about Pulse 2016, you would ask? Well to answer that let me brief you what pulse is all about. It is a college event hosted by the School of Allied Health Science, Manipal, each year. For a whole week events and competitions are held in which every student gets a chance to participate and express their passion for arts, music, dance, etc.

This year was not any more different until that moment… It was the last program of Pulse 2016, the valedictory function. Whispers swept through the air. Few people sit at the edge of their chairs, while others sit there biting their lips in nervousness. The announcement, when they asked “The Pulse 2016 trophy goes to…”, and people shouting “BPT!!” and others shouting “BOT!!!”. And then we heard them say “MLT Department!”. I felt a chill down my spine and for a second I was completely cut off from the chaos and excitement around me in shock. Finally it hit me, we won!! We WON!!! I am seeing people jumping and screaming in excitement, while others were running towards the stage. Every single person who belonged to MLT Department had a big smile on their faces, be it students or teachers. The feeling of victory was so overwhelming that it was difficult to contain the excitement.

MLT made history on that day. The day of 11th November 2016!!



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