A different perspective of RESPECT…

breath of the heart

   Orespectur Whatsapp chats revolve around wonderfully though provoking ideas. yesterday one of the participants began a powerful discussion on RESPECT. Every one shared their valuable and enriching ideas which set us all thinking.

I share with you my views. I feel respect as in the normal aspect that we speak of, is pretty superficial. Just stooping for someone due to their juxtaposition and giving them precedence isn’t respect at all. Respect is an emotion that is felt in the heart and conveyed in many ways. Respect comes as a response to action or the magnanimity of a personality. It could be respecting a habit of a little child or the silence of an elder…respect is about picking up that little piece of garbage that spoils the  beauty of the earth, respect is about caring enough to hold an outstretched hand to someone in need….respect is the union of paper…

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