The Sea Shore

As I sat on a rock with my legs soaking in the salty water of the sea, I could see how the waves were trying to force their way to the shore. I could see a small boat far away, in which fishermen were busy with their fishing nets. The sun seemed to be bright as usual, but the sky had streaks of gold. The breeze came gushing towards me and swept my hair along with it. The smell of the salty waters seemed to make me feel relaxed. I closed my eyes and tried to feel my surrounding. Ah! The sound of the waves, the birds and the leaves of the trees moving along with the wind… It felt very peaceful…

I opened my eyes and saw the great blue sea. The moving water sparkled like stars on the surface. I wondered how many secrets are lying there which are yet to be explored. I was lost in my thoughts, when suddenly I felt something leafy on my foot. I looked down and found out that it was a sea weed. I kept thinking that there are many types of plants in the seas and oceans. They are beautiful and yet they may be poisonous.

I decided to take a walk. That’s when I happened to spot tiny crabs, in a few distance away. The crabs are a marvelous species. Crabs live in holes in the sand at sea shores. So I saw a lot of holes here and there. Some holes were small and some were big. It was so queer, the way they walked. They moved side wards only..!

I saw many small creatures on my way. Like crabs, starfishes, jellyfishes, small fishes, etc. It had made me admire the sea life that God has created. But soon it was time for me to leave.

And when I was leaving, it felt as if I was leaving Paradise and entering a whole new world. But the sea had already cast its spell on me. And the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. 🙂

Ummehani Rao


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